Brussels / Mexico City: Zolo Press, 2023.
ISBN: 9798986093024
Condition: Fine
208 pp , 20 x 27 cm

Amidst quarantines and lockdowns, Damián Ortega hosted a paranormal masquerade. Invited were a Philanthropic Ogre, a Sweet Rodent, a Freak Brother, Fertility Ghost, Giacometti Dumpling, Acupuncturista, a Tango Singer, and Self Employed Pig, others too: a strange gang fashioned of bottle caps, tangles of string, tortillas, gourd shells, cactus leaves, and coins—whatever Ortega could find around the house. Masks welcomes you to join the ball, gathering one-hundred such disguises alongside essays by Luigi Amara. Item #25302

Price: $72.00

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Masks. Damián Ortega.
Masks. Damián Ortega.
Masks. Damián Ortega.