Mouth Full Of Golds

London: IDEA, 2023.
Condition: Fine
Second Edition
9 x 11 in
Foreword by A$AP Ferg

The definitive book on grills as told through the life and times of Famous Eddie’s Gold Teeth.

The new IDEA book is Mouth Full Of Golds, written by director Lyle Lindgren and Eddie Plein. A book of caps, fronts, slugs and grills — even diamonds and pearls. This is the illustrated history of New York’s ‘Famous’ Eddie Plein, the golden era of dentistry he ushered in, and the great big glittering smile he left on the face of hip hop.

A$AP Ferg provides the introduction in an extraordinary piece of writing — placing golds and grills in his personal history and the context of black creative culture. Also telling their own stories are, amongst many others, Va$htie, Goldie, A$AP Rocky, Just-Ice, Janette Beckman and, new for this second edition, Marc Jacobs.
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Mouth Full Of Golds. Eddie Plein Lyle Lindgren.
Mouth Full Of Golds. Eddie Plein Lyle Lindgren.