Orifice + Aperture

Oakland: TBW Books, 2022.
ISBN: 9781942953579
Condition: As New
Signed and numbered
First Edition
56 pages
10 x 13.5 in
Edition of 500 copies

Orifice + Aperture is a new collection of studio studies by Paul Mpagi Sepuya. In the collaborative style for which he has become renowned, Sepuya uses mirrors, screens, and the loaded visual motif of the camera lens to address structures within photography, portraiture, and queer sociality. Either handheld or fixed upon tripods, the physical camera is permanently in-frame while moments of intimacy and creative acts of self-representation play out before it, drawing spontaneous connections between the formation of photographic subjectivity and the artist's visual process. . Item #25367

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Orifice + Aperture. Paul Mpagi Sepuya.
Orifice + Aperture. Paul Mpagi Sepuya.