Anti-Icon : Apokalypsis

New York: Ryan Lee Gallery, 2023.
Condition: Fine
Hardcover in slipcase
First Edition
Edition of 500 copies

Published to accompany a three-part exhibition held at RYAN LEE in New York, Josh Lilley in London and Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. ANTI-ICON’s cult following began in 2021 when first commissioned by Public Art Fund. Ten veiled images from the original series were chosen for public display. This monograph reproduces the full collection of 17 unveiled new works in which Gutierrez has transformed herself into a multitude of idols. Costumed by the barest of essentials, Gutierrez’s figure is the catalyst, reflecting dystopian futurism upon the symbols of our past. Through each metamorphosis, Gutierrez re-envisions a diverse canon of radical heroines who have achieved legendary cultural influence over thousands of years in both art history and pop culture. F igures in the series included: Aphrodite; Ardhanarishvara; Atargatis; Cleopatra; Queen Elizabeth; Gabriel; Helen of Troy; Joan of Arc; Judith The Slayer; Lady Godiva; Our Lady of Guadalupe; Mary Magdalene; The Virgin Mary; La Madonna; Hua Mulan; Sacagawea; and the Queen of Sheba. Item #25401

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Anti-Icon : Apokalypsis. Martine Gutierrez.
Anti-Icon : Apokalypsis. Martine Gutierrez.
Anti-Icon : Apokalypsis. Martine Gutierrez.