Fruits of Labor

Amsterdam: Van Zoetendaal, 2023.
ISBN: 9789072532558
Condition: As New
32 pp
16x23 cm

The Ravestijn Gallery brings together new work by Dutch artists Ruth van Beek and Mariken Wessels. Their mutual interest in exploring the act of creation and their interventions in existing material overlap to form a powerful reflection on the female artist. In Van Beek’s spatial installation of collages, ordinary objects take on a body and life of their own. She explores the thin borders between studio and domestic life, the repetition of daily tasks, and the origins of her interest in manuals and household books. In the new series of sculptures and collage works by Wessels, it is the female body that becomes matter. With poems by Basje Boer and an essay by Robert Petzoldt. Item #25550

Price: $32.00

Fruits of Labor. Ruth van Beek, Mariken Wessels.