New York: (self-published), 2023.
Condition: Fine
First Edition

"In 2018, I initiated a show with the community paris in a meeting room of a hotel under renovation in Paris during an art fair… a temporary space inside a temporary space during an ephemeral event. I say “initiated”, because for the four days the exhibition was open, works, installations, connections, and images were being materialized, tested, installed, altered, and altar-ed; only to be packed back up into suitcases on Sunday night without ever taking on a final form. Time was the only set variable, everything else was open… Visitors became the artists and art handlers, conceptual/spiritual/formal concerns of materials and images were theorized and tested, works deemed to be complete became immediately devalued and distributed free of charge, and the only real outcome was the energy of who was there and how they felt and who they met and what they did, said, and documented. Hopefully, this book can serve as an illustrated record of the time we shared in that meeting room, whose wifi password was WELCOME2YOU" Item #25828

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WELCOME2YOU. Nick Sethi.
WELCOME2YOU. Nick Sethi.
WELCOME2YOU. Nick Sethi.
WELCOME2YOU. Nick Sethi.