WoodDash Tote

New York: Dashwood Books, 2024.
Condition: As New
Tote Bag
Black silk screen drawing with black text on a range of white/natural/light grey/light pink/grey canvas tote. 15 x 16 inches

Born in Kobe in 1976, Masanao Hirayama (also known as HIMAA) is a painter, illustrator and performer based in Tokyo. His works are disarmingly simple, with childlike lines and abstractly sketched forms designed to stimulate our consciousness.
Many of his projects involve visual games whereby the viewer is invited to participate in a form of quiz. Dashwood  Books published the book "Find Me" in 2019 whereby the viewer was tasked to find the precise stick figure in a mass of similar copies throughout the book. This WoodDash tote was created specifically for Dashwood by the artist.
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Price: $6.00

WoodDash Tote. Masanao Hirayama, Himaa.