Edited Photographs 1992-2004

Göttingen: Photoworks, 2004.
ISBN: 3882439769
Condition: Fine
First Edition

Edited Photographs shows a series of project orientated works – photographs of the washing-up, his Dad’s office, piles of laundry, Ruth (his partner) on the phone, his racing bike – its pedal resting on a stone, a pubic hair on a bar of soap. All quiet observations on domestic life, but none of these details seems trivial or sentimental. Instead in portraying these everyday things around him he has revealed a sense of their profundity. Shafran's monograph surveys his work, including series such as Washing Up 2000, Dad's Office and Ruth On The Phone. Item #67

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Edited Photographs 1992-2004. Val Williams Nigel Shafran, Paul Elliman, Charlotte Cotton, essays, interview.