The Blue Room

London: Phaidon, 2008.
ISBN: 9780714848327
Condition: Fine. SIGNED & INSCRIBED

Eugene Richards has produced some of the most brilliant and influential photography documentary books of the last twenty-five years including Dorchester Days, Exploding into Life and Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue. In The Blue Room, shot in color rather than his usual B&W, he documents abandoned houses of the American West, the area where in the wake of the Great Depression and the dust storms of the 1930s, the farms in this isolated, semi-arid region faltered and failed, leaving the land littered with forgotten homes. Eerily timely given the recent mortgage crisis Richards photographs are a statement on the vulnerability of man in the face of the shifting economic opportunities and a commentary on the inevability of change. In these contemplative pictures we are inspired to imagine the lives of the homes former occupants in a thought-provoking meditation on memory. Item #7210

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The Blue Room. Eugene Richards.
The Blue Room. Eugene Richards.