Emportant News

New York: Decathalon Books, 2008.
ISBN: 9780955492310
Condition: Fine
600 copies
64 pp

The images in Emportant News were all taken by Mark Gonzales on a Side Kick phone and then sent via email over the course of one year. Some were accompanied by a phrase while others were attached with no text. A Side Kick is basically a cell phone with a camera and a keyboard. We remember the name because Snoop Dogg did a commercial endorsing it. When we see Mark with his we automatically imagine that he is texting with Snoop. This book is the first in a series of ten published by Decathlon books featuring artists, designers and photographers we think are interesting and feel that you should think are interesting too. Item #7232

Price: $100.00

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Emportant News. Mark Gonzales.
Emportant News. Mark Gonzales.