Male: From the Collection of Vince Aletti

New York: PPP Editions, 2008.
ISBN: 0971548064
Condition: As new
softcover in slipcase
1,500 copies
10.5 x 12 inches, 300 B&W and color reproductions

A highly original, personal selection from the collection of respected curator, writer and The New Yorker photography critic Vince Aletti. "Male" is an eloquent essay on masculine sexuality gathered from over thirty years of enthusiastic collecting. It eschews any hierarchical distinctions, featuring more than two hundred and fifty photographs as well as drawings, sculptures, and paintings by celebrated figures with works by emerging artists, alongside anonymously authored images and flea market finds.The best book of the season it exudes with a passion for men and collecting that transcends gender and sexual identity.Collier Schorr writes of Aletti in her extraordinary text “A man living amongst men, maybe thousands of them, stuffed in boxes, hung in frames, sandwiched between cardboard and magazines and end papers. A gestural cacophony of comparisons…For lovers of beauty, there exists an exquisite panic that manifests itself in the desire to own, collect and house all visages.”“The only collective portrait these pictures form is mine – together they make the perfect boyfriend” Vince Aletti.Designed and sequenced by Andrew Roth with an introduction by Collier Schorr. Item #7425

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Male: From the Collection of Vince Aletti.