There I Was

Gottingen: SteidlMack, 2009.
ISBN: 9783865216168
Condition: Fine

Marking a shift in medium and a conceptual departure for Collier Schorr There I Was uses pencil drawings and photography to relate an imagined history of the short but spectacular life of charismatic 19 year-old drag car racer Charlie "Astoria Chas” Synder and his '67 "Ko-Motion" Corvette. At the age of four Schorr accompanied her father, an automotive photographer and journalist, to a local race track where she watched Astoria Chas work on his car. A subsequent article followed, with the now eerie headline “While Astoria Chas is doing his thing in Vietnam his friends are racing his L-88." By the time the article was published, Charlie Snyder had died in action in Vietnam.There I Was is a complex and multi-faceted look at escape, culture, dreams and mortality, conjuring up an expressionistic portrait of the dichotomies of the late 1960s in a fractured wartime America. Item #7735

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There I Was. Collier Schorr.
There I Was. Collier Schorr.