Flowers for ______

London: Koenig Books, 2008.
ISBN: 9783865604811
Condition: As New
750 copies

Flowers for… can be seen a sequel to his first self-published monograph, Ruthbook (1995) featuring sixteen portraits of his partner Ruth. Now we are introduced to his son Lev for the first time and ponder the shift in order his arrival has caused. In 33 pictures a complete world is described, and yet each picture makes a complete artistic statement in itself. This is emphasized by the different picture formats, by the small gatefold sequence of flower pictures that opens the book, in the small design details that point up its construction. These are not photographs that have been subject to some kind of "artistic" manipulation; they speak of the pleasure of looking at the rituals of daily life. "When I take a photograph I try to have faith in how things are," Shafran explains. The subtext of his book is the exhaustion of being a parent, and the joy of it. Item #7814

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Flowers for ______. Nigel Shafran.
Flowers for ______. Nigel Shafran.