Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009

Gottingen: Steidl, 2009.
ISBN: 9783865217158
Condition: Nr Fine
First Edition

Since 1998 Juergen Teller has collaborated with Marc Jacobs in creating one of the most unusual and instantly recognizable advertising campaigns of the past decade. Teller's idiosyncratic visual style and use of unusual models (often featuring his own distinct physique) continues to challenge the boundaries of fashion in a unique way with seminal campaigns featuring Charlotte Rampling, Stephanie Seymour, William Eggleston and Cindy Sherman.This massive tome of all his Marc Jacobs’ campaigns to date marks the significance of their collaboration on both fashion and visual culture at large. Item #8127

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Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009. Juergen Teller.
Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009. Juergen Teller.