Hamburg: Richter Verlag, 2002.
ISBN: 3933807298
72 pgs, 24 color plates, 9.5 x 12 inches

German photographer Axel Hutte has developed in recent years a singular approach to his photographic compostions. His remarkably rich landscapes, flora, waterfalls, and bridges are all depicted with Hutte's signature elements: each focuses on a single motif: sky, water, or plant take up the entire image; they convey a sense of the infinite: the subject isn't framed, its position as sole element suggests its continuation out of the frame, on and on; geometric composition is a central theme in his works: he finds and represents the lines, circles, and repetitive shapes that exist in nature.~The 24 photographs reproduced in Fecit were taken in his travels through Europe, South America, and Australia, and show a remarkable diversity of landscape. They alternate between a poetic peacefulness and a darker, edgier ambience, but they all reflect Hutte's unique approach. The title Fecit, a Latin-derived word conveying the idea of artistic ownership and the individual process of creation, was chosen by Hutte to suggest the artist's role in photography: the landscapes he shoots are there, but the various compositional elements that lead to the final result are the work of the individual, and there are an infinite number of choices for any particular subject. Item #89

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Fecit. Axel Hutte.
Fecit. Axel Hutte.