Gottingen: Steidl, 2009.
ISBN: 9783865219961
Condition: Fine

Reminiscent of his earlier monograph More, Juergen Teller's new photographic series, Zimmermann, documents supermodel Raquel Zimmermann participating in family events and interacting with Teller's native environment in Bubenreuth, Southern Germany. Holding true to his signature snapshot aesthetic while nonetheless managing to construct what he describes as a "surreal fairy tale," the German-born photographer captures Zimmermann-in a state of seeming abandon, in the woods or lying semi-nude on the family table, as though a sacrificial offering as part of some Bavarian feast. A narrative akin in style to a gothic and dramatic Grimm's fairy tale, this story explores the themes of suppressed youth and teenage longing. Teller, one of the most influential fashion photographers working today, shoots in a deliberately overexposed style that endows this project with his characteristic raw look. Item #8987

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Zimmermann. Juergen Teller.
Zimmermann. Juergen Teller.