London: Chris Boot, 2010.
ISBN: 9781905712182
Condition: Fine.
SIGNED by Hetherington

"Infidel" is an intimate portrait of a small battalion of US soldiers, posted in the remote and dangerous Korengal Valley in North Eastern Afghanistan shot over the course of a year, Hetherington’s photographs prove surprisingly tender – arguably the strongest among them a series of the men asleep. Breaking the traditions of war photography it is a book more about camaraderie, love and male vulnerability than the horrors of war. “A platoon of combat infantry is a brotherhood, and that bond is expressed in ways that aren't acknowledged or really even permitted back home. That --not war-- is the true topic of this book. It's an aspect of war that few photographers have even noticed, much less with their lens." From the introduction by Sebastian Junger. Hetherington and Junger are also co-directors of the Oscar shortlisted documentary Restrepo on the same subject. Item #9546

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Infidel. Tim Hetherington. Sebastian Junge, Text.