San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2010.
ISBN: 9780811872775
Condition: SIGNED

Michael Schmelling’s Atlanta: Hip-hop and the South may be the best book to date on contemporary hip-hop culture. Treating up-and-coming rappers, club kids and multi-Platinum artists with the same leveling gaze, Schmelling also displays a preternatural eye for the overlooked detail — a hastily scrawled lyric sheet torn from a notebook and pinned to the wall, a speaker cabinet leaned against the curb, gas station graffiti — all rendered in richly saturated hues.Atlanta retains many of the characteristics of an artist’s book despite the mainstream appeal of Chronicle, its publisher. For hip-hop connoisseurs and neophytes alike, Atlanta stands as a timely investigation of a uniquely Southern strand of black urban youth culture that many would argue has dethroned New York. Item #9591

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Atlanta. Michael Schmelling.
Atlanta. Michael Schmelling.