La Carte D'Apres Nature

London: MACK, 2010.
ISBN: 9781907946004
Condition: Fine complete with supplmental book, Ravenna 1986 by Ghirri
English language edition.

Thomas Demand was invited by Marie-Claude Beaud, the exceptional director of the National Museum of Monaco, to organize an exhibition to inaugurate the Villa Paloma. He decided to present, along with works of his own, a range of artists, living and dead, starting with Magritte and most notably Luigi Ghiri and 19th-century German landscapist, August Kotzsch. The first book by British publisher/designer Michael Mack under the name MACK books.Mr. Demand, an artist known for knowing the current temperature of everything, titles his show after a little magazine Magritte briefly produced, La Carte d’Après Nature (The Map After Nature).The catalogue, the inaugural publication from Mack Books, is astonishing. Item #9615

Price: $400.00

La Carte D'Apres Nature. Rene Magritte Luigi Ghirri, Thomas Demand, Tacita Dean, Christy Lange Thomas Demand, Curator, Author.