Unfruchtbare Landschaften

Paris: Yvon Lambert, 2010.
ISBN: 9782913893412
Condition: Fine

A set of 83 previously unpublished historical works from the 60's (artist's books with collages, drawings, watercolors and paintings), with an essay by Pierre Péju: early works that, under a minimalist and fragile appearance, announce most of the major themes developed in Kiefer's later grandiose oeuvre. Among the works in this comprehensive catalogue for an exhibition at Galerie Yvon Lambert are a number that were conceived in around 1969, when the artist was 24 years old, including “For Genet,” “The Flooding of Heidelberg” and “Heroic Symbols.” These pieces take the form of strange books on cardboard in which he stuck photographs, watercolors and dried flowers. Item #9874

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Unfruchtbare Landschaften. Anselm Kiefer.
Unfruchtbare Landschaften. Anselm Kiefer.