Zurich / New York: Nieves / Rizzoli, 2011.
ISBN: 9780847835524
Condition: Complete with a signed xerox. SIGNED
2,000 copies

This tome of 1,200 pages, manufactured by a phonebook company, is taken from a stream of work produced over a period of only three years, from 2007 to 2010. Considering the length of this epic it is remarkable how the pacing holds up with the only constants being the return to family, the visual noise of graffiti from all over the world and a series of seven illuminating essays on individual photographs by Neville Wakefield. “Whether at home or traveling there is constant visual input. As an image-maker one is asked to make distinctions and decisions on what to extract. Having been involved in this practice for over 30 years, I started to try and free myself from even my own expectations.”. Item #9930

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Directory. Ari Marcopoulos.
Directory. Ari Marcopoulos.