3 new titles published by The Ice Plant book signing

3 new titles published by The Ice Plant book signing

Saturday, Dec 08, 2018 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Please join us for a book signing with Melissa Catanese, Michael Schmelling and Jake Longstreth.

Voyagers edited by Melissa Catanese  
"Where do our minds go when we read books, magazines, and letters? Do we seek an escape, a portal to another world? A secret, a truth, a pleasant distraction? Voyagers, edited by Melissa Catanese (author of Dive Dark Dream Slow), consists almost entirely of anonymous black & white snapshots of people in various postures of reading — in living rooms, on beds, at the beach, eating breakfast. We can’t see what these readers are thinking, but Catanese occasionally breaks the hypnotic typological rhythm to reveal a new photographic element — a pyramid, a starry night, sunlight glowing through a window — giving us brief glimpses of the readers’ potential narrative journeys. Selected from the collection of Peter J. Cohen, a celebrated trove of more than 20,000 vernacular photographs from the early-to mid-twentieth century."
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Your Blues by Michael Schmelling 
Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Photography to make a new series of photographs about music in his hometown of Chicago, Schmelling spent eighteen months crisscrossing the city alone at night, making his way into basement shows, crowded clubs, parties, and recording studios, documenting both the communal culture at large — musicians and fans alike — and the DIY individualism of the characters involved. Teeming with enthralled bodies and ecstatic faces, Your Blues is an energetic and intimate document of a time and place, featuring over 200 meticulously sequenced photographs, puzzled together through subtle rhythms and recurring visual riffs, infusing Schmelling’s own personal photo-cryptology into the evolving musical history of the city.
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Tulare: Scenes from California's Central Valley by Jake Longstreth
From 2008 to 2012, often in the dead of summer, American painter Jake Longstreth photographed the dusty, utilitarian Central Valley of California, a severe inland topography formerly occupied by the massive Tulare Lake. With a tonal restraint echoing the style of his own flatly realistic paintings, Longstreth’s photographs capture the hazy, blinding sunlight and muted palette of this region, a topography that has been transformed from a lush, wild terrain into the monotonously fertile industrial farmland it is today. “Millions of people pass over the dry lake-bed in their cars every year, unaware of its previous existence,” Longstreth notes with ambivalent fascination. “A Taco Bell now stands roughly where the shores of Tulare Lake once were.”
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