Mark Peckmezian book signing for Nice

Mark Peckmezian book signing for Nice

Thursday, Nov 18, 2021 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Dashwood Books

First book from the Berlin-based Canadian photographer Mark Peckmezian.  During an exhaustive and painful editing process with designer Jop van Bennekom the title emerged and they stuck with it.  It has an unstable meaning, not clear whether it’s affirmation or criticism which felt appropriate for a book full of portraits of people without a fixed identity.  Slippery and ambiguous like the nature of his distinctive unnerving style of portraiture.

“You look nice. How exhilarating and terrifying to be looked at, to be seen – to realize you’ve been an image this whole time. All that patient primping, that painstaking preparation, suddenly confronted with its own potential: This is me! you say, aspirationally tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear, I’m trying to look like me! You turn to face the audience, and in that state of perpetual becoming, you wonder: Will my outside ever meet my inside? Will I see it when it does?”

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