Olivia Arthur, Sabiha Çimen, Bieke Depoorter, and Susan Meiselas book signing

Olivia Arthur, Sabiha Çimen, Bieke Depoorter, and Susan Meiselas book signing

Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Stranger by Olivia Arthur 
Stranger imagines a survivor returning to Dubai fifty years into the future and imagining what they would see. Through photographs and small anecdotes, the viewer is taken on a journey through a city that is both awe-inspiring and alienating. A city which has grown at breath-taking pace from a population of 90,0000 in the 1960s to over 2 million in the current day, and continues to draw people from all over the world with its promise of riches.

Hafiz by Sabiha Çimen 
Sabiha Çimen spent three years photographing Girl Quran Schools in five cities in Turkey, a subject that she knows very well since she attended the same schools when she was a teenager with her twin sister. After becoming a photographer, she returned to those schools to work on her project that has now become the subject for her first book.

Agata by Bieke Depoorter 
In October 2017 Depoorter met Agata in a strip club in Paris. Over the next three years, the women dove deep into a collaboration, creating a small alternative universe that served as a container for them to explore questions they each had regarding identity, performance, and representation.

Carnival Strippers by Susan Meiselas 
A new and expanded edition of Meiselas’ 1976 classic. From 1972 to 1975, Susan Meiselas spent her summers photographing women who performed striptease for small-town carnivals in New England, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. As she followed the shows from town to town, she captured the dancers on stage and off, their public performances as well as their private lives, creating a portrait both documentary and empathetic