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“Blast”: Racing in the Utah Desert - THE NEW YORKER

“Blast”: Racing in the Utah Desert - THE NEW YORKER

Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014

NOVEMBER 18, 2014
“Blast”: Racing in the Utah Desert
When the photographer Jim Mangan recently took a road trip through Utah, we asked him to document the journey on our Instagram account. In his new series, “Blast,” published by Dashwood Books, Mangan collaborated with the professional rally-car driver Ken Block to offer a new perspective on the arid, mountainous landscape of his home state. Using aerial photography, Mangan captured the graceful dust clouds and swirling car tracks produced as Block practiced a style of racing known at Gymkhana. His spins and figure eights mimic the naturally occurring forms of the Utah desert.
An exhibition of “Blast” opens on Wednesday at 205-A, located on Avenue A in New York, and will be on view through January 15th.
All photographs by Jim Mangan.