Hyperallergic / Five Enchanting Art Bookstores in NYC

Thursday June 1, 2023 12:15 AM

Hidden below street level on Noho’s Bond Street, I nearly passed by Dashwood Books’s snug storefront. Pine-colored shelves encase a trove of art book gems that founder David Strettel and manager Miwa Susuda summoned from nooks and piles when I inquired about the titles that stand out to them. It came as no surprise, then, when Strettel noted that Dashwood will soon mark 18 years of “specializing in finding what people want,” though he admitted that the only real pattern of what people want is that “there is no pattern” — which is part of the fun. His grounding interest...


Wednesday February 22, 2023 11:00 AM

The Mercer hotel in New York is embracing analogue pleasures, including a library curated by Dashwood Books

 The old is always the new. And that iconic beacon of culture the Mercer Hotel in SoHo, New York knows this best. In a world where there are too many screens, too many digital moments, and endless impersonal emails, The Mercer is offering us old-world charm, not least in the form of its first-ever library, in collaboration with Dashwood Books.

Text by Daniel Scheffler 

East Side Story

Friday January 20, 2023

Janette Beckman revisits the summer she spent in Maravilla Park, on the East Side of Los Angeles, during the height of a bitter turf war.

While studying art in 1970s London, photographer Janette Beckman borrowed August Sander’s landmark book, People of the 20th Century, from the school library and promptly forgot to bring it back.

Inspired by his groundbreaking portraits, Beckman set forth to chronicle the burgeoning underground scene springing forth on the streets, in the pubs, and at music festivals across the UK. While Sander sought to create a taxonomy of German life based on occupation, Beckman saw a....

The Best Niche Bookstores in New York

Thursday January 19, 2023

“For Hard-to-Find Photo Books

David Strettell was working as Mario Testino’s assistant in 2005 when he decided to open Dashwood, a store devoted entirely to photo books. Eighteen years later, the place remains much as it was: a garden-level shop near the Bowery with spare, blond-wood floor-to-ceiling shelves full of contemporary, vintage, and extremely limited-distribution photo books, including a first edition of Luigi Ghirri’s Kodachrome and Gabriele Basilico’s Marocco 1971. The shop also has a robust selection of limited press runs from publishers hard to find elsewhere in the States, like Germany’s Steidl, France’s Editions du Regard, and the U.K.’s...

Book Review: Katie Burnett "I Wash you Dry" Vogue Italy

Tuesday November 8, 2022

Detriti di spiagge in bianco e nero, duplicazioni formato collage di gambe e braccia che sovrapposti creano un effetto straniante, orizzonti sfocati, frammenti di pelle sotto la lente di ingrandimento. Sfogliando le pagine di I Wash You Dry, il secondo libro della fotografa e stylist che vive a New York Katie Burnettsi ha l’impressione che il corpo sia tutt’uno con il paesaggio surreale, epurato da ogni colore...

By Viola Ricci

Book Review: Katie Burnett "I Wash you Dry" I-d Magazine

Thursday November 3, 2022

This month, Katie Burnett releases her second book of photographs. A stylist by trade — with clients like GucciBurberry and Calvin Klein — Katie only began taking pictures herself two years ago, shooting self-portraits with a catalogue of props (elastic bands, packet noodles and fridge magnets) in her Brooklyn apartment. Encouraged by her friend, the photographer Paul Kooiker, this humorous black-and-white series became Cabin Fever, a book released last year. I Wash You Dry, the new follow-up published by Dashwood Books, covers similar territory as the previous book, with the introduction of the Jamaican sea....

By Zoe Whitfield