Ari Marcopoulos "Polaroids 92-95" in Office Magazine

Tuesday July 7, 2020

Legendary New York based photographer Ari Marcopoulous sat down with office once again to discuss his new books of polaroids, depicting 90’s skate hotspot, the Brooklyn Banks. 

Amsterdam-born with Greek heritage, Marcopoulos still bleeds New York. Hearing his answers made it clear that the artist only documented what he found genuinely interesting and it simply happened to be something that made him successful. He saw beauty in skate culture, and his raw documentation caught fire as more and more people saw the beauty through his lens. ,,,  by Willa Rudolph

Yurie Nagashima's "Self-Portraits" in Conscientious Photography Magazine

Monday June 29, 2020

Another absolutely thrilling example of how Nagashima uses the camera’s power is provided by Self-Portraits, a newly released collection of photographs. At the occasion of her retrospective at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in 2017, the photographs were shown as a 30 minute slide show with more than 600 images, spanning 24 years (1992-2016). In the book, they are distilled down to a smaller number, presented chronologically.

The earliest photograph shows a young, serious looking backpacker, her face turned to the camera, while the rest of her body is ready to walk off onto some trip. The following photographs employ a....

Preston is my Paris featured in Aperture

Wednesday December 18, 2019

By Holly Black

"Britain’s ubiquitous graffiti-strewn carparks, rundown bus stations, and no-frills pubs might not seem like obvious subjects for artistic scrutiny. But these seemingly innocuous places hold a special kind of magic for Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson, who started documenting them a decade ago in Preston, the northern city where both artists lived and worked at the time. Now, the pair looks over the legacy of their collaborative project with a new book, Preston is my Paris: 2009–2019, presenting a slice of the huge amount of imagery they produced..."

Preston is my Paris featured in Wallpaper

Wednesday December 11, 2019

By Jessica Klingelfuss

"Preston, on the surface, is a distinctly unremarkable British city. It’s also ever-changing, in a way – a city for train commuters who find themselves in limbo between Wigan and Lancaster. For ten years, Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson have dedicated themselves to exploring the oft-overlooked locale with Preston is my Paris – a photography-based project that began as a photocopied zine has since come to include publications, site-specific installations, live events, digital applications, education and writing..."


Preston is my Paris featured in AnOther

Sunday December 8, 2019

Founded by Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson, Preston is my Paris is, according to Murray, “a photocopied zine with the intention of encouraging the exploration of Preston as a subject for creative practice.” The duo’s seminal work included Preston Bus Station, a limited-edition newsprint publication created with Jamie Hawkesworth at the very start of his career. Published by Dashwood Books, this book toasts ten years of the project with over 100 photographs from the Preston is my Paris archive.