Preston is my Paris featured in Wallpaper

Wednesday December 11, 2019

By Jessica Klingelfuss

"Preston, on the surface, is a distinctly unremarkable British city. It’s also ever-changing, in a way – a city for train commuters who find themselves in limbo between Wigan and Lancaster. For ten years, Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson have dedicated themselves to exploring the oft-overlooked locale with Preston is my Paris – a photography-based project that began as a photocopied zine has since come to include publications, site-specific installations, live events, digital applications, education and writing..."


Preston is my Paris featured in AnOther

Sunday December 8, 2019

Founded by Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson, Preston is my Paris is, according to Murray, “a photocopied zine with the intention of encouraging the exploration of Preston as a subject for creative practice.” The duo’s seminal work included Preston Bus Station, a limited-edition newsprint publication created with Jamie Hawkesworth at the very start of his career. Published by Dashwood Books, this book toasts ten years of the project with over 100 photographs from the Preston is my Paris archive.

Salters Cottages by Gary Schneider featured in AnOther Magazine

Wednesday November 13, 2019

by Daisy Woodward

"In the summer of 1981, South African photographer and artist Gary Schneider and his partner John Erdman did what they’d done for the past three summers and vacated their home in New York City for a seaside holiday cottage on Long Island. The rental house formed part of Salters Cottages, “a very small, discreet community [whose inhabitants] spent much energy staying out of each other’s way,” Schneider explains. Like other years, the artist invited his friend and mentor, the visionary photographer Peter Hujar, to come and stay in the cottage’s spare room. Unlike previous years, however, Schneider decided that that summer...

Preston is my Paris 2009-2019 featured in Creative Review

Thursday October 31, 2019

By Megan Williams

"The north of England has long captured the fascination of the wider nation and beyond. Liverpool and Manchester are both heralded as cultural epicentres, having collectively spawned some of music’s most iconic bands and left a lasting impression on club culture. Meanwhile, photographers, filmmakers and fashion designers from the past and present have been inspired by, and have in turn inspired, the image of the north.

However, Preston – a relatively young city, having only been awarded city status in 2002 – has often escaped the attention afforded to its neighbours. That’s not to say it’s undeserving...

Gucci Wooster bookstore curated by Dashwood Books

Tuesday October 22, 2019

Recalling the spirit of New York’s small independent bookstores, the Gucci Wooster Bookstore speaks to the truly literary souls of today. Among the carefully-selected 2000 titles curated by Dashwood Books founder David Strettell, are contemporary, used and rare books on fashion and lifestyle, youth culture, art, interiors and architecture, illustration, design, and photography. The shelves also feature works by many talents who have collaborated with the House, including Petra Collins, Ari Marcopoulos, Ryan McGinley, Martin Parr and Florence Welch. The bookstore further defines Gucci Wooster's presence as a cultural gathering space, to host book signings and related cultural events for...

Preston is my Paris 2009-2019 featured in FACE

Tuesday October 15, 2019

TJ Sidhu

"Nestled just to the left of Blackburn in Lancashire, Preston only gained city status in 2002. With a population of approximately 141,346, it’s tiny and generally isn’t considered one of the UK’s great cultural hubs unlike it’s friendly Northern neighbour Manchester, but that’s not to say it isn’t thriving.

Historically a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the city experienced a financial crash in 2011 when Preston’s The Tithebarn – a city centre regeneration initiative with a £700mil investment behind it – was abandoned when its main anchor John Lewis pulled out. Job opportunities became non-existent, and a gaping hole was left in the place of Preston’s...

Phytophile by Bela Borsodi featured in Another Man

Thursday August 8, 2019

Text by Gemma Padley

"There is a series of photographs on Bela Borsodi’s website that shows a model lovingly clutching and caressing items such as a handbag and boot in all manner of sensual bordering on erotic ways. Replace the accessories with a plant, switch the images to black and white and you’ll begin to understand the thinking behind the Austrian-born photographer’s latest series, Phytophile (literally ‘a lover of plants’), recently published as a zine by Dashwood Books."...