Paige Powell featured in The Cut

Tuesday April 16, 2019

 By Emilia Petrarca

This week, Gucci and Dashwood Books will publish an entire book of photos featuring famous artists eating. They come as part of a set highlighting the life’s work of photographer Paige Powell, who captured artists like Andy Warhol eating, drinking, working, and playing with animals in New York City throughout the ’70s and ’80s...

Khichdi (Kitchari) by Nick Sethi selected as one of the best photo books of the year by the NY Times Magazine

Tuesday December 18, 2018

By Teju Cole

A photo book is a stubbornly old-fashioned technology. It allows for some experimentation, with scale, paper and color, but it is ultimately a sequence of photographs printed on paper and bound into a portable volume. In a time of a torrential flow of online photographs and omnipresent video, such material simplicity is almost quaint. But a form invented in the mid-19th century remains one of the most vivid ways of conveying the power of images...

Khichdi (Kitchari) by Nick Sethi featured in Dazed

Thursday December 6, 2018

Interview Thora Siemsen

“I was born in Maryland, and moved to Florida when I was 11. From the age of 12, I started going to punk shows. I used to play in bands, but I was never really any good. I still wanted to be part of that scene, especially once my friends started going on tour. I always loved touring because it was a means to get in a van and leave South Florida, which is pretty isolated. So I started roadie-ing and selling merch, and I decided to take photos as a way to participate. I ended up really...

Gucci Wooster Bookstore curated by Dashwood featured in Vogue

Tuesday November 20, 2018


The destination show. Sneaker lotteries. The boutique cafeTreasure hunts for limited-edition merchandise. These days fashion and shopping are as much about experience as they are about objects. Now Gucci, following on the heels of Alessandro Michele’s deeply immersive events this year—including a Resort showat the Alyscamps burial ground in Arles where models walked among flames, and a “mind-bending” exhibition with Maurizio Cattelan in Shanghai—is further enhancing the retail experience in New York. Its Gucci Wooster location, which was designed as a store-cum-“cultural gathering space,” will expand to include Gucci Wooster Bookstore, located at 375 West Broadway, adjacent to the brand’s screening room. David Strettell of Dashwood Books, the...

Eggs and Rarities by Paul Kooiker featured in ASX

Saturday October 27, 2018

By Brad Feuerhelm

"From the kitchen, I could hear faintly “Look after your milk”!!! It was some sort of sideways directive that my blonde partner shouted at our blonde twenty month old. I was at the time considering how closely cyanide and almonds share a space on the tree of life, blissfully co-existing to produce milk for incompetent digesters while also nestled very close on the same branch which gave Himmler a soft exit. I was putting all of this together and thinking through what it would mean to look after my own milk in none so vexing pornographic terms. The...