New York: Fulton Ryder, 2014.
Condition: as new
Soft Cover
500 copies

In the spring of 1969, the Sutter Street Commune began publishing an inter-communal newspaper. The name they gave this free weekly publication was Kaliflower, a play on Kaliyuga, the Hindu name for the last and most violent Age of Humankind, the idea being a "flower growing out of the ashes of this current age of destruction." For the next three-plus years, the commune, through the Free Print Shop, kept Kaliflower going. At its end, there were close to three hundred communes, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area, that were receiving Kaliflower everyThursday. The progeny became so well known that eventually it gave its name to the parent, the "Kaliflower Commune" as many people called it. Item #14358

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Kaliflower. Anonymous.
Kaliflower. Anonymous.
Kaliflower. Anonymous.