Rolling Stone / Radical Visions From Japan

Friday March 1, 2024

Rolling Stone write-up about our publication Daido Moriyama Shashin Jidai 1981–1988, and the upcoming show at our new project space. 

Text by By Emma Reeves


Influential artist Daido Moriyama's striking black-and-white images from the 1980s come to life in a new book and gallery show.

In the years following the 1972 publication of his seminal book Farewell Photography, Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama became severely depressed. He moved out of Tokyo, became reliant on sleeping pills, and lost so much weight he was down to 88 pounds at one point. He did not pick up his camera for seven years. It was...

Architectural Digest

Saturday January 13, 2024 12:00 PM

Tour a whimsical and spacious upper east side home for a family of eight.  The duplex, which features 360-degree views, is “a place to have fun”

 A sense of duality permeates the residence. In the living room, for example, reupholstered Soho Home chairs effortlessly blend with a custom Fawn Galli Interiors rug and sofa, while the mustard-tinted Moooi wingback chair in the office contrasts with a playful pink fringed Llott Llov table lamp. Throughout, furnishings are frequently in dialogue with motley artworks curated by Samuels Creative & Co. and tomes assembled by Dashwood Books.

Text by Alia Akkam

Photography by...

DAZED / Daido Moriyama’s long-lost series from a cult 80s erotic mag

Tuesday December 19, 2023 12:00 AM

On the release of Shashin Jidai 1981–1988 [published by Session Press and Dashwood Books], a staggering survey of the complete set of essays Moriyama produced for the magazine, we speak to co-publishers Miwa Susuda and David Strettell about the making of their book and what’s to admire about Moriyama.


Text by Alessandro Merola

i-D / The photobooks to gift this Christmas

Tuesday December 12, 2023 5:00 PM

Daido Moriyama, Shashin Jidai 1981–1988

There’s been no shortage of Daido love this year, but it’s been well deserved of course — he’s been on red hot form! This total beast presents, in full for the first time, the long-lost serials Daido published in Shashin Jidai, the erotic photo magazine that exploded in Japan in the 80s. It’s a literal page-turner and comes with a pink poster. Brace yourself for the heart palpitations.

Shashin Jidai 1981–1988’ is co-published by Session Press and Dashwood Books, £65. 

By Alessandro Merola



Hyperallergic / Five Enchanting Art Bookstores in NYC

Thursday June 1, 2023 12:15 AM

Hidden below street level on Noho’s Bond Street, I nearly passed by Dashwood Books’s snug storefront. Pine-colored shelves encase a trove of art book gems that founder David Strettel and manager Miwa Susuda summoned from nooks and piles when I inquired about the titles that stand out to them. It came as no surprise, then, when Strettel noted that Dashwood will soon mark 18 years of “specializing in finding what people want,” though he admitted that the only real pattern of what people want is that “there is no pattern” — which is part of the fun. His grounding interest...


Wednesday February 22, 2023 11:00 AM

The Mercer hotel in New York is embracing analogue pleasures, including a library curated by Dashwood Books

 The old is always the new. And that iconic beacon of culture the Mercer Hotel in SoHo, New York knows this best. In a world where there are too many screens, too many digital moments, and endless impersonal emails, The Mercer is offering us old-world charm, not least in the form of its first-ever library, in collaboration with Dashwood Books.

Text by Daniel Scheffler