Now Here Then

New York: Dashwood Books, 2015.
ISBN: 9780984454693
Condition: As New
1,000 copies

The photographs in this book were taken all over the world, and later archived, stored, and then finally unpacked and furiously edited over a period of several years in a breathless, hopeful search for great images. Compiled in this book for the first time, and appearing as if from a series of dreams, they reveal the narrative of a life unfolding. Work prints were created for editing purposes, which were stacked and grouped together, pored over, shuffled, piled, boxed, put away and pulled out again and again. Some prints were inadvertently damaged during this process -- they were stained, torn, sometimes even scorched. This final, furious editing phase gave the prints a unique "patina", and added artifacts to the images themselves, and was an intense, and serendipitous, last stage of creation for the work, just as important to finishing the images as their original subject matter, composition, color, and light. Texts by Glenn O'Brien and Susan Minot. There are three alternate covers to choose from pls select the one you would prefer. Item #15507

Price: $48.00

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Now Here Then. Huger Foote.
Now Here Then. Huger Foote.
Now Here Then. Huger Foote.
Now Here Then. Huger Foote.