The Levee

New Dehli: Ugly Dog, 2020.
Condition: As New
600 copies

The project beings with a quote from Hura’s father ‘Be careful, It’s supposed to be unsafe out there’ and includes a few of his pictures in color taken from a merchant marine vessel that he captained in April 2016 from the Gulf of Mexico to the Port of New Orleans. Due to immigration rules he was unable to leave his vessel and step onto US soil. Two months later Sohrab Hura travelled along the same route as his father and beyond, documenting his impressions. The project adopts a way of viewing a place and time as outsiders from both the ship and the shore unable to quite ever bridge the divide, commenting on perceptions and misperceptions of cultures and communities foreign to us as well as generational relationships. "Just as it had been with my father, there was always a levee between the river and me as well. My father had been on water but had not been able to touch land. I was on land but had barely been able to touch water. Together we got a glimpse of the delta from our own sides of the levee.” SH Dashwood has been championing the work of Sohrab Hura since 2015 and the release of the first of his remarkable "Sweet Life" trilogy, Life is Elsewhere, self-published under the imprint Ugly Dog, the series explores intimate family life in West Benghal, India, particularly the artist's relationship with his mother, who had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1999 when he was only 17. Last year Hura was more broadly recognized when he won the Aperture-Paris Photo photobook of the year award for his fourth book, The Coast. Item #18068

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The Levee. Sohrab Hura.
The Levee. Sohrab Hura.
The Levee. Sohrab Hura.