New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle by Toby Mott (Poster)

New York / London: Dashwood Books/Cultural Traffic/Corina Manu, 2022.
ISBN: 9781399911511
Condition: Double-sided
500 copies
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New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle is a comprehensive collection of iconic UK rave, jungle, sound system and warehouse party flyers dating from the early 1970s to 2000. The book is sourced and curated from the Mott Collection – an extensive archive that gathers paper ephemera of British popular culture from punk to rave – curated by artist and collector Toby Mott. Crammed full of 575 entries of flyers and other collectables, New Age is a visual feast that charts the origins and progress of a series of youth rebellions that were to last for a generation. Through its chapters, the book looks beyond the music into the fantastical visual language that propelled this subculture, offering a global perspective on how British party culture shifted through the decades. 250 copies available for US. Item #22894

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New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle by Toby Mott (Poster). Toby Mott.