Time Elapsed Time Remaining

New York: Spotz, 2023.
ISBN: 9781737825029
Condition: As New
First Edition
128 pp
16.5 x 22.9 cm

Time Elapsed Time Remaining captures the enigmatic nature of Europe's eastern border, symbolizing cooperation amidst rising geopolitical conflicts and the resurgence of nationalism. Pete Voelker explores the historic borderland between the so-called East and the West through 115 striking photographs.

This limited edition of 350 books, designed by the artist, showcases the region's beauty amidst contemporary conflicts.

Time Elapsed Time Remaining is a testament to resilience, urging us to appreciate the fragile beauty of this region and champion unity beyond boundaries. It highlights the vital role of the borderland while shedding light on the potential threats it faces. In his artist statement, Voelker recounts the project's origins during a period of intense discussions on borders and nationalism. He explores how borders shape identity and exposes how ruling classes exploit divisions for political and economic gain.
Voelker's travels through the county’s of Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey, amongst others, reveal the tangible remnants of shifting borders. His photographs capture the struggle for independence, the technological impacts of borders, and the ever-present threat of occupation. They serve as a reminder to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism, rejecting nationalism as a tool of oppression.
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Time Elapsed Time Remaining. Pete Voelker.
Time Elapsed Time Remaining. Pete Voelker.
Time Elapsed Time Remaining. Pete Voelker.