Los Angeles: Little Big Man, 2024.
Condition: Fine
1,000 copies
SIGNED, 288 pages, a book signing event Friday April 26, 6-8pm

One Blood is the first solo artist book by photographer Frank Lebon. Born out of loosely applied yet technically defined approaches to portraiture, One Blood showcases multiple photographic series taken between 2020 and 2023. The practice of photographing loved ones, familiar territory for Frank Lebon, is taken to its extreme both in process and form. In the dark times of 2020, Frank conceived of a project that had him seeking out family and friends to prick their fingers and collect samples of their blood. These intimate sessions to retrieve blood droplets that would be smeared on small glass slides were paired with slightly more traditional portraits, for which Frank would ask his subjects (blood donors) to place their hands over his flash, casting a unique flood of red light upon their own faces. 

“The spark that ignited the idea was originally the spark of a flash, my fingers pressed up against it, the light would shine through my finger and project the red of my blood upon my subject. As with almost anything noteworthy I have ever created, it was birthed from a mistake; my fingers found themselves there as they had nowhere else to go.” 

In addition to the beautiful photographic series showcased in 4-color offset printing and special glosses, an essay by Laura Serejo Genes places Lebon in half-step with French Surrealist photographer Jacques-André Boiffard. Boiffard, on a decade-long hiatus from the world of medicine, produced some of the most iconic images of the Surrealism movement. Like Lebon, Boiffard used the technical craft of photography to frame the world so that it finally appears as uncanny as it feels from the inside. One Blood begins from this premise, following Lebon as he collects, processes, and reconfigures the proof that blood runs through it all. .
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One Blood. Frank Lebon.
One Blood. Frank Lebon.
One Blood. Frank Lebon.
One Blood. Frank Lebon.