Amsterdam: (self), 2010.
ISBN: 9789081350129
Condition: As new sealed in publishers shrinkwrap
700 copies

Selection of this Dutch photographers work on animals is comprised of ten panels beautifully printed on a folded card stock. The presentation allows for an unfettered relationship with her portraits of stray dogs, horses, tigers and wolves; animals that are depicted living amongst humans in one form or another and seem to be solemnly judging us. "There is a collective solicitude among all animals in these portraits. They appear to have an awareness of each other, revealing a kinship among them. Contemplating the place of animals in our world as it is, this work surveys the specific relationships we have with animals that define us as human beings" There is a Ltd Edition of 100 copies available. Repose is being shown at the Foto Kunst Stadtforum in Innsbruck thru Nov 6 and at opens at Julie Saul Gallery in New York on Nov 4. Item #9527

Price: $60.00

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Repose. Charlotte Dumas.
Repose. Charlotte Dumas.