Rolling Stone / Radical Visions From Japan

Rolling Stone / Radical Visions From Japan

Friday, Mar 01, 2024

Rolling Stone write-up about our publication Daido Moriyama Shashin Jidai 1981–1988, and the upcoming show at our new project space. 

Text by By Emma Reeves


Influential artist Daido Moriyama's striking black-and-white images from the 1980s come to life in a new book and gallery show.

In the years following the 1972 publication of his seminal book Farewell Photography, Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama became severely depressed. He moved out of Tokyo, became reliant on sleeping pills, and lost so much weight he was down to 88 pounds at one point. He did not pick up his camera for seven years. It was only when Akira Hasegawa, the editor of a new photography magazine, Shashin Jidai, proposed an interview that Moriyama allowed himself to reengage with the creative world. What followed was a series of six extraordi-nary photo essays with poetic titles published from 1981 to 1988. Late last year, a beautifully designed book celebrating these photo essays was co-published by Dashwood Books and Session Press.