Damaged Negatives

New York: Dashwood Books, 2013.
Condition: Nr Fine - last copies
1,000 copies

?I put the images in storage for two weeks, which turned into two months. The entire storage unit flooded and the owner didn?t tell anyone, so by the time I arrived, the images were just mostly gone or in a state of high deterioration." This book is an exhumation of that wrecked archive. Figures ? including a young Kate Moss ? swim mystically in clouded and chthonic black and white, as if reflected in ancient mirrors or trying to interject from a different time. On some images, the damage manifests itself like burnishing and cigarette holes; on others, faces are obscured entirely by whorls of oxidation that lend the sitters and their environments an arcane type of poetic importance. Item #12209

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Damaged Negatives. Glen Luchford.
Damaged Negatives. Glen Luchford.