Digital Deli

(self-published), 2021.
ISBN: 9780578902951
Condition: As New
Signed and numbered
100 copies
68 pp , 9.75 x 12 x 1 inches

Digital Deli is the final chapter of the namesake multidisciplinary project that uses photography, video, music, performance, and installation, to explore the current visual vernacular and the circulation of images. With its layered construction, the book expands the conventional structure of page spreads and sequencing as narrative strategies. Images of different sizes are juxtaposed and layered so that each photograph creates new associations with fragments of pictures from other pages. The re- sult is a sort of multicolored and saturated texture, emerging as a new and complex image that transforms into something more than the sum of all the photographs in the book. Digital Deli appropriates the language of advertising, television, and social media to show playful but uncanny tableaux that question the rhetoric and the power structures behind that language. Ultimately, the book investigates the identity of photography as a medium and challenges its conventions and the related expectations of the viewer. Item #20987

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Digital Deli. Marco Scozzaro.
Digital Deli. Marco Scozzaro.
Digital Deli. Marco Scozzaro.