In Limbo

Berlin: Buchkunst Berlin, 2021.
ISBN: 9783981980547
First Edition
180 pp
21.5 x 28 cm

Florian Bachmeier’s photographs, which were taken in Ukraine over the past eight years, provide an insight into past and present historical processes and landscapes. He travels intensively through the country, taking pictures in cities, villages and at the front. In the seventh year, an internal political conflict turned into a ruthless proxy war, which cost thousands of lives and spread to the whole country in all its consequences.
In Limbo describes an apparent state of solidification and permanent uncertainty. The portraits speak of biographies in which the conflict has been inscribed in visible and invisible ways. In addition to the monuments to the heroes and the ruins of the last war, the front line runs through the landscape. In the end, the only decision left to make is whether to settle in this state or to leave one’s home country.
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In Limbo. Florian Bachmeier.
In Limbo. Florian Bachmeier.