Daido Moriyama opening for Shashin Jidai 1981—1988 at Dashwood Projects

Daido Moriyama opening for Shashin Jidai 1981—1988 at Dashwood Projects

Thursday, Mar 14, 2024 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Dashwood Projects
56 East 4th street
New York, NY 10003

Pls join us on Thursday, March 14, 6–8PM for the opening of Dashwood Projects, our new ancillary space at 56 East 4th Street.  It will be an experimental space to extend the life and boundaries of our publishing program dedicated to exhibitions and selling work by artists we’ve collaborated with over the years.  Our first exhibition will be based on our recent publication Daido Moriyama Shashin Jidai 1981 - 1988 (Co-published with Session Press), will be an installation of posters and original tear-sheets, as well as of silver gelatin prints, drawn from each of the six serialized essays featured within the book.

With the publication of his serialized photo-essay Hikari to Kage (Light and Shadow) in the first issues of the Japanese photography magazine, Shashin Jidai, from 1981-1982, Daido Moriyama announced his return to photography after nearly a decade. Moriyama had been mired in an acute creative slump from his mid thirties, since the publication of his seminal book, Farewell Photography in 1972.  Unable to take nearly any photos for a prolonged period, he turned to illicit drugs, ultimately wasting away to little more than 40 kgs before he hit physical and emotional rock bottom.  Lured back by Akira Hasegawa, Shashin Jidai’s editor, he was invited to contribute photographs for each issue.  This began a long relationship between Moriyama and Shashin Jidai in which he went on to make a total of six serialized essays that appeared in all but one issue until its’ demise in April 1988.  During this period Moriyama worked almost exclusively for Shasin Jidai and was given a free hand to explore and experiment and in the process evolved a new aesthetic that still informs his photography today. Tragically, more than eighty percent of his negatives were lost from this pivotal body of work. 

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