Scugnizzi by Brett Lloyd featured in Another Magazine

Tuesday December 9, 2014
By Tish Wrigley

"Brett Lloyd’s first experience of summer in Naples was a profound one: “I think I am still in shock from the first time I came onto those beaches,” he remembers. “I walked around open-mouthed, watching these Caravaggian scenes played out with such gusto, practically invisible amid the never-ending chaos.” That initial encounter with the Italian city has turned into “a lifetime addiction”, and the energy and verve of the resulting photographs prompted New York based publisher Dashwood Books to commission Lloyd to create a book of his experiences. The result, edited in conjunction with Another Man creative...

“Blast”: Racing in the Utah Desert - THE NEW YORKER

Tuesday November 18, 2014
NOVEMBER 18, 2014
“Blast”: Racing in the Utah Desert
When the photographer Jim Mangan recently took a road trip through Utah, we asked him to document the journey on our Instagram account. In his new series, “Blast,” published by Dashwood Books, Mangan collaborated with the professional rally-car driver Ken Block to offer a new perspective on the arid, mountainous landscape of his home state. Using aerial photography, Mangan captured the graceful dust clouds and swirling car tracks produced as Block practiced a style of racing known at Gymkhana. His spins and figure eights mimic the naturally occurring forms of the Utah desert