Now Here Then by Huger Foote featured in New York Times Style Magazine

Thursday March 17, 2016

By Betsy Horan

"Though the photographs in Huger Foote’s series “Now Here Then” were taken largely between 1995 and 2002, they represent an entirely “new” body of work. Starting in 2008, the Memphis-born photographer took a three-year “semi-stationary” break from his normally nomadic lifestyle, and spent the time revisiting his past work — and specifically, the work prints he’d created from years’ worth of negatives. For photographers, work prints are meant to be provisional: temporary placeholders for the final, perfect exhibition prints. They show thescars of time — which was precisely what caused Foote to have the “a-ha” moment that...

Landscapes by Lele Saveri featured in Fashion Headline

Thursday March 17, 2016

"Each book store towards FASHION HEADLINE readers concierge the "one book to read now." Thursdays, introduce Art Book shop "NADiff (NADiff)" each store is the one book to recommend. This is the Ebisu, Tokyo head office, NADiff apartment (Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-18-4NADiff A / P / A / R / T1 floor). ■ "Landscapes" Lele, Saveri (Lele Saveri) born in Rome, Lele-Saveri of photographer-artist currently is based in New York. And just also very active as a curator of ZINE fair that takes place in NY called "8 Ball Zine" rather than as an artist, in a Brooklyn subway station to make a limited time shop...

Athens Love by Ren Hang published by Session Press featured in Dazed and Confused

Monday March 14, 2016


"Photographer Ren Hang’s affinity with nature and the nude form continues in his latest book Athens Love. Continuing to produce work outside of his native home of China, where he is often censored or in trouble with police who threaten to arrest him, for his latest book Hang trips to Attica and Athens in Greece. While his last book NEW LOVE was shot in New York, here Hang swaps skylines and cityscapes to shoot his friends gazing into glistening lakes, obscured between rocks, swamped by daffodils or amongst cactus and aloe vera plants..."

Athens Love by Ren Hang published by Session Press featured in Daily Metal

Wednesday March 9, 2016

by Cris Blanco

"Born in the city of Chang Chun (China), this photographer takes explicit and direct pictures, disregarding taboos. REN HANG’S work is closely linked to eroticism and the emotional and vivid element of the skin. Winning the Third Annual Terna Prize for Contemporary Art in 2010, he has shown and published his work both in China and abroad, and now his second monograph is coming to light. “Athens Love” is a compilation of the pictures he took during his stay in the Greek capital last spring. We tell you how, when and where to see it..."



Now Here Then by Huger Foote featured in Salon Litteraire

Monday March 7, 2016

By Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret

"Le monde de Huger Foote est un monde où tout chaloupe. Fureteur, le photographe retient ce qui n’intéresse personne. Il déambule dans divers lieux grevés de traces et de résidus : fruits jetés, traces de pneu dans un cloaque, herbes folles, parpaings, tréteaux, tuyaux etc. Tout cela crée un kiosque étrange que l’artiste réunit dans ses albums d’images. Aux cités impériales l’artiste préfère les zones moins fastes, brillantes ou touristiques. Il aime les moments ou les lieux en creux là où commence ou finit un monde. Pour en suggérer l’éphémère la photographe  froisse ou lacère au besoin ses photos..."

Japanese Performer Eiko Otake featured in the Ny Times

Wednesday March 2, 2016

By Brian Seibert  

"At 9 a.m. on Monday, if you had peeked through the storefront window of Dashwood Books on Bond Street in Manhattan, you would have seen a body on the floor, sleeping or possibly dead. Slowly, out of tattered Japanese robes emerged whitened feet, gnarled and aged and terribly exposed.
It was a startling sight, and no less unsettling if you knew those feet belonged to the dancer Eiko, whom you had come to watch..."

Now Here Then by Huger Foote featured in Photobookstore Magazine

Wednesday February 3, 2016

By Robert Dunn

"With the photos in Huger Foote’s brilliant new book, Now Here Then, the passing—no, the inescapable effects, the ravages—of time is central to the meaning of the book. These thirty-six photos were taken decades ago, initially shot with a sense of serendipity, of letting fate help Foote capture the strongest images possible; then time stepped in, the prints messed-up back then while being edited, tossed into drawers, nearly forgotten, then pulled forth three years ago and carefully turned into the stirring work under review here."