Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies - Interview of Toby Mott for i-D

Monday August 1, 2016

By Paige Silveria

"What do you think is the enduring legacy of punk culture on sexuality?
It was the gateway to making things more progressive. It created an open dialogue. I don't think young people today are shocked by gender issues and stuff like that. People can be more secure. The terrible way that it was when you would be victimized for being gay, hopefully it's now a thing of the past. Punk was sort of the first culture to embrace different ideas about sexuality. Previously, there was the 60s' sexual liberation, but that was pretty heterosexual. It wasn't until the advent...

Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies featured in NOOVO

Wednesday July 13, 2016

"Beginning in 1972 and spanning right up to the present day, Showboat provides a chronological survey of the relationship between punk and sex as seen through original posters, flyers, record covers, and ephemera drawn from the editor´s punk archive, The Mott Collection. Alongside this material are written contributions from musicians, artists, writers, designers, activists, sex workers, and filmmakers whose work is wedded to the punk movement. Contributions come in the form of anecdotes, lyrics, manifestos, personal essays, and historical overviews from which impassioned, engaging, and often contentious positions on punk and sex emerge..."

Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies featured in Dazed

Wednesday July 6, 2016

By Ashleigh Kane

"Through Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies, Mott and an array of contributors provide anecdotes, lyrics  manifestos, personal essays and historical overviews – including filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook, photographer Bob Gruen and writer Will Self – that explore "sex in punk and punk in sex”. Chronologically spanning from 1972 to now, posters, flyers, record covers and various ephemera from Mott’s ever-growing archive, The Mott Collection, are surveyed.

Designed by Dazed’s own Jamie Andrew Reid – who has colour-coded pages to differentiate between contributions (yellow) and archival material (pink) – Mott adds, "What we hope we have created is a....

Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies featured in the Vinyl factory

Wednesday July 6, 2016

"...Moving from 1972 right up to present day, Showboat chronologically surveys the relationship between punk and sex through original posters, flyers, record covers, photographs and ephemera drawn from the editor’s punk archive, The Mott Collection.

The publication includes anecdotes, lyrics, manifestos, personal essays and overviews as told by a wide array of contributors – including Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook, VF contributor Vivien Goldman, Eve Libertine of Crass, and writer Will Self..."

Athens Love by Ren Hang featured in Annabelle

Tuesday March 29, 2016

# Apozzibility

"Chinesische Nacktheit in griechischer Natur, so könnte man die neuen Arbeiten von Fotograf REN HANG salopp beschreiben. Die Bilder entstanden während Hangs Aufenthalt in Athen und Attica im April vergangenen Jahres. Sichtlich unbeschwert, leichtfüssig und mit einem Schuss Humor inszeniert Hang seine Aktbilder in der freien Natur. Befreit vom politischen Druck und der prüden Gesetzgebung in seiner Heimat entdeckt er das Genre neu. ATHENS LOVE ist frisch und verspielt, eine Ode an die Lebenslust..."